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Introducing the supply chain industry's leading thought professionals and executives who will be speaking at the 2023 Women In Supply Chain Forum:

Opening Keynote Speaker

Katie Date.jpg


SVP, Industry Relations &
Strategic Initiatives - Manifest

Dei efforts
Opening Keynote Speaker
Company Culture

Content Session: How to Promote DEI Efforts Company-Wide

Detail what companies should and should not be doing, including case study examples. Also, discuss the importance of including men in the equation, and hear from male panelists.

Erez Agmoni.jpeg

Erez Agmoni

Global Head of Innovation
(Logistics & Services) - Maersk

Nicole Glenn.jpg

Nicole Glenn

CEO & Founder - Candor Expedite

Content Session: Company Culture - How to Manage Remote Workers & Toxic Employees

How to balance the ever-changing facets of the supply chain, how to handle toxic co-workers and how to be aggressive without being called “aggressive”.

Charlie Saffro.jpg


President & Founder - CS Recruiting

Women Who STEM

Content Session: Women Who STEM

Discuss how women in technology, engineering, science and procurement can help change the future of supply chain.



President & Founder - Women in Manufacturing® Association

Art of mentorship

Breakout Session: The Art of Mentorship Workshop

Walk through how to gain a mentor, and how to be a mentor. Also, detail the importance of self-advocacy.

Katie Date.jpg


SVP, Industry Relations &
Strategic Initiatives - Manifest

Women In Supply Chain Award Winners' Panel Discussion

Meet the overall winners of Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s fourth annual Women in Supply Chain award and talk with present and past winners.



Host of Let’s Talk Supply Chain Podcast

Honoring Awards
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