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Director of Customer Accounts for RXO

Antonia Popova is a director of Customer Accounts for RXO, a leading provider of asset-light transportation solutions. Over the last decade, she has enhanced the customer experience through three focus areas: cost optimization, speed and quality of service. A champion of continuous improvement in RXO's last mile service, Ms. Popova innovates how people, data and operations interact. Her achievements include the creation of a transformative forward stock model that reduces transit times by stocking goods strategically at RXO’s last mile hubs, building data driven model to measure consumer experience, and promoting a culture to drive inclusion, empowerment, and diversity. Ms. Popova holds a bachelor’s degree in International Affairs from Kennesaw State University. 

8+ years of management experience of large customer care and customer management teams. Focus on KPI management to increase consumer experience and grow revenue. I was promoted 6 times in 9 years starting at entry level customer care position and transitioning to Customer Care GM and Customer Accounts Director. My goal is to promote inclusive leadership, enhance consumer experience, and diversify service offerings to our customers.

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